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Helping Our Children and Students Achieve



Teach Their Way’s Mission is to Help Children and Students Achieve

Who Is This Site For?

This site dedicates itself to parents, homeschoolers, teachers, and tutors who want to better understand and cope with the complexities of teaching and learning in today’s society. We will soon activate a discussion forum to connect parents with teachers in a mutually beneficial way. We will administer those discussions to enable the sharing of viewpoints and the facilitating of better collaboration for the children.



Learn strategies and have access to tools and resources for:

  • Targeted workbooks with reproducible practice sheets
  • Test Prep workbooks by state
  • SAT Test Prep books
  • Hand-selected leveled reading books
  • Social-emotional profiling
  • Study guides that really break down concepts
  • Homework and study strategies
  • Motivational strategies
  • Behavior Management
  • Supporting children with special needs and their caregivers
  • Understanding the cultures of today’s school systems, families, lifestyles, and peer relationships



Further Your Students’ or Children’s Success


For parents and teachers alike, this site provides a scope into many topics, from interpreting learning styles to improving social intelligence and behavior.

There is a direct correlation between self-concept and achievement, and you will discover how to get to the root of this understanding and address it with individual children. Find out what is truly holding back the achievement of a child who is otherwise physically and mentally healthy.

Parents, learn how to really engage in your children’s education.

Communicate better with your children’s teachers. Discover how you can best assist with homework and catching them up in weaker areas. Gain an understanding of why it is crucial to take immediate action to bring your children up-to-date on earlier knowledge and skills in order to catch up at school. Realize why trying to push them to succeed at grade level tasks and concepts is counterproductive when they haven’t yet mastered prerequisite skills.

You will learn how to interpret your children’s learning style, so that you can help them to acquire and practice the best study methods for their unique cognitive profile.

As parents, you are responsible as your children’s primary teacher of social skills and emotional awareness. We will guide you on how to support their social and emotional growth through readings and discussions, as well as through fun and enlightening writing activities.

Homeschoolers, learn all of the above, plus how to develop a well-rounded curriculum that flows at your children’s unique pace.

If you reside in The United States or Canada, we will guide you on learning standards for your home state or province. Look on our website for direct links to their Home pages by Spring 2016. These guidelines and approaches to curriculum sequence are suitable and appropriate anywhere people speak English.

Teachers, discover how to get your students’ parents more involved with the home-school connection.

In addition, learn shortcuts  that:  better analyze and manage behaviors, deliver more differentiated instruction without losing your mind, and provide greater support to your most challenged students.

Plus, read tips on how to navigate through the myriad of tasks and professional development workshops on your day planners, as well as how to handle a less than supportive administration.

Tutors, gain a clearer understanding of how to assess your students’ social-emotional profile and cognitive functioning, plus how to apply the art of integrated instruction.

As a tutor, you need to make the most impact in the least amount of time. You want and need to help your students in numerous areas, including their study skills, social skills, and self-concept. Focusing exclusively on academics, barring emotional conflicts, is not enough. It will likely not address the real problems.

Students need a well-rounded approach to both academic and social-emotional intelligence in order to maximize their achievement. Don’t underestimate the power that teaching social skills has on increasing emotional intelligence.

Synthesizing these essential components into your program is easier than you might think and it is integral to Teach Their Way’s tutoring methods. 

Find Educational Solutions Here

This site is starting out featuring helpful, informative blogs; plus, a growing shop of teaching and office supplies. In the near future, we will activate our discussion forum and expand our shop with exclusive study guides, student surveys, and various assessments (formative and summative).

Our blog articles discuss education and childhood development from a number of different angles, often welcoming reader feedback. We hope you find them useful and enlightening in ways that you can apply to enrich your children’s and students’ education. Topics cover the gamut of broad categories, including:

  • learning styles
  • teaching strategies
  • study methods
  • literacy
  • Special Education
  • non-academic skills (social, emotional, classroom survival, organizational)
  • behavior analysis and management
  • parental involvement, and more!



The Core Motivation for This Site

Teachers are overwhelmed with administrivia and fast-paced curricula that many kids cannot keep up with. Teachers’ collective focus nowadays weighs heavily on preparation for numerous standardized tests, which hardly even address the leveled learning standards anymore.

From college onward, teachers hear the best way to educate is to get to know their students’ individual personalities, skills, and challenges, and then to deliver differentiated instruction. In an ideal and perfect world, that is how we really WANT to approach teaching!

The problem with this is that the demands placed on teachers at the state and district levels do not afford them the time to prepare and deliver lessons with maximum impact. The days, weeks, and months go by in a blur just trying to keep up with the cookie cutter pace of the required curriculum.

Remember the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT? It states that its intention is to deliver differentiated instruction in classrooms to ALL students so that diverse populations have equal chances to succeed, regardless of socioeconomic status, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, mental illness, and/or behavioral problems and disorders. Somehow the politics of Education turned the direction of the NCLB Act into a “runaway train.”

Teachers and school districts now possess little authority in teaching by creative design. There is enormous government control in Education today, from Pre-K to college. The trend continued until the initial purpose of the NCLB Act was lost. The control over our educational institutions is actually enforcing counter intuitive practices, turning teachers into robots, and turning students into mere statistics. Would you agree?

Let’s address these issues, discovering ways to really “reach” our Pre-K to 12 children and students. Let’s strive to promote a healthy environment of encouragement and understanding, where educators teach the ways that children learn, and students THRIVE and reach their full potential!